Shield Augusta University and Augusta University Health systems, networks, and data through real-time monitoring, security policies, and security controls.


Safeguard networks from cybercriminals who wish to harm the enterprise through malicious cyber actions or exploitation of protected information via breaches and ransomware attacks.


Provide bi-annual cybersecurity awareness training and periodic phishing campaigns to faculty and staff. Provide real-world, hands-on, experiential learning opportunities to AU students and interns.

Real-time Threat Prevention

By monitoring and securing the network, the SIEGE protects our community from threat actor’s intent on harming our organization, this includes protection from data breaches of sensitive information and ransomware attacks.

Load Balancing Load Balancing
Real-time Monitoring
SIEGE analysts triage and analyze alerts that might otherwise lead to serious security incidents, stopping them before they happen.
Isolate Compromised Units
Proactively protecting against new cyber attacks through the immediate isolation of devices with suspected malware.
Inform the Community
We’re here to improve the entire community by providing insights and discoveries with other University System of Georgia (USG) entities.

About Us

Augusta University’s Security Operations Center is known officially as SIEGE CyberOps. SIEGE CyberOps is the home of AU’s cyber defense team that protects AU and AU Health by monitoring, detecting, analyzing, investigating, and responding to cyber threats. SIEGE CyberOps opened in October 2020 at the Georgia Cyber Center (GCC) in Augusta, Georgia as the operational tenant within the GCC’s ecosystem of industry, academic, government and military partners.

Blob Background

Always a Move Ahead

The SOC is the command center of our organization. Our job is to continuously monitor and improve our security capabilities while preventing, detecting, analyzing and responding to all cyber-threats to AU and AU Health.

Proactive Cybersecurity

Manages cyber security technologies and implements security controls to protect the infrastructure, devices, and data from cyber-attacks.

Proactive Cybersecurity
Training and Education

Cybersecurity education and training programs are executed bi-annually to reduce the risk of data breaches. Training and periodic phishing campaigns provide employees with the tools to recognize malicious activity and know how to respond.

Proactive Cybersecurity
Governance, Risk & Compliance

Exercises a cybersecurity strategy for managing overall governance, enterprise risk management, and compliance with regulations. Effectively works risk and compliance requirements by generating and reviewing cybersecurity policies, managing the risk register, and performing security risk assessments.

Proactive Cybersecurity
Vulnerability Management

Ongoing process to identify, assess, report, manage and remediate network vulnerabilities across the enterprise. Uses threat intelligence to prioritize risks and address vulnerabilities quickly.

Reactive Cybersecurity
Monitoring & Analysis

Protect systems and data by providing 24/7 capabilities, analyzing alerts and events detected by the network/system monitoring tools, and reviewing/applying ingested threat intelligence.

Reactive Cybersecurity
Incident Response

Defend against data breaches and cyberattacks by performing forensic analysis of infected devices and serving as the command center for all incident response.


SIEGE CyberOps, through their Augusta University affiliation, has developed multiple government and private industry partnerships to provide employment and internship opportunities to current students, recent graduates and military members.

Student Assistantships

SIEGE CyberOps employs multiple student assistants. Augusta University students can apply for the Student Cyber Security Analyst assistant position through the Handshake portal.

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We provide opportunities for civilian employment through apprenticeships, on-the-job training, job shadowing, internships, and employment skills training during soldiers’ last 120 days of military service.

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SOFtact HUBZone certified and female-owned small business that provides internship opportunities in SIEGE CyberOps, working part-time as Security Operations Center Analysts, Cybersecurity Engineers, or Governance, Risk, and Compliance Analysts.

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Please contact us if you would like to partner with SIEGE.